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  • Humidifying capacity: ≥15 lt/h
  • Power supply: 220V/50Hz
  • Rated input power: 1500W
  • Rated input current: 7A


  • Stable ability and reliable quality

  • Easy to move, install and operate

  • Oasis in your desert

  • Nice-looking appearance

  • Eco-friendly and preservative

  • Quickly dehumidifying for your room

  • Strong anti-interference ability

  • Better work environment for your employees

  • Silent running for better sleep

  • Special effects for film production

Why DJ-50Z

Ultrasonic humidifier humidifies by making fogs and have high efficiency, widely used in gardening, growing rooms and theme parks.

Model number DJ-50Z
Humidifying capacity ≥15 lt/h
Circulating air flow 790 m³/h
Power supply 220V/50HZ
Rated input power 1500W
Rated input current 7 A
Working temperature range 0℃ ~50℃
Applying space 120~150 m²
Sound level ≤40 dB
Fog outlet 3x110mm
Granule diameter <5μm
Net weight/Gross weight 54kg/71kg
Machine size 470×910×530mm
Package size 540×960×680mm